Glass Technologies

Over 90% of a patio door is glass. Having clear glass unit, there are no energy savings. To increase our sliding patio door energy performance, there are a few energy packages to choose from.  Replacement windows ct For optimum energy savings consider your new sliding patio door with LowE glass and argon gas package. LowE glass ( low emissivity glass ) is the great way to increase your home’s comfort and energy savings year round. Argon gas is a safe, nontoxic inert gas heavier than air. This insulating gas counteracts heat and cold conduction between the panes of glass. It also makes your home quieter. For even greater energy savings , there is a triple pane glass package with LowE and argon or krypton gas. Krypton gas is denser than argon, therefore it gives better performance. Replacement windows ct Knowing already that more part of a sliding patio door is glass, maybe it’s worth considering what’s best when choosing energy package.

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